gpg: Can't Open: No Such File or Directory


I’ve created a test file in the following directory that I would like to encrypt using PGP 4 Win.


I’ve succesfully created a key and tried to encrypt the file as follows:

gpg --armor --recipient “EncryptKeyProfile” --output “c:\gpg\test.txt.gpg” --encrypt “c:\gpg\test.txt”

I get the following error message:
“gpg: can’t open `c:\gpg\test.txt’: No such file or directory
gpg: c:\gpg\test.txt: encryption failed: No such file or directory”

Not sure what to make of it. The file does exist in the c:\gpg\ location.


Hi Alex,
does it work when you are in the c:\gpg directory?
(This excludes permission problems.).

Could you also state the version of gpg4win you are using?

To command line you’ve stated worked for me in principle.