Gpg 4 Win Problem when encrypting a file


I am just trying for the first time to use Gpg4Win to encrypt some files. I’ve generated a pair of keyes and now every time I am trying to encrypt any file I got the following problem:

  1. First, it says “The file already exists. Overwrite?” This is despite the fact that there is no such file anywhere on the computer and despite renaming the file.
  2. Then, if I press “Overwrite” or “Overwrite all” it says: "Sign/encrypt failed. Kleopatra: Could not remove file “…” for overwriting.: Input/output error (218136625).
    On the other hand, if I press cancel it says: “Sign/encrypt canceled. Kleopatra: Overwriting declined: Operation cancelled (218103907)”.

So I cannot get any files encrypted. Do you have any solution to this problem?

I would like to add that the same problem appears after uninstalling and installing Gpg4Win again, as well as it happens on other computers.


the last versions were affected by an issue in one our used libraries. The file you are trying to encrypt is on a network share and you have not mounted this network share.

I have just fixed this issue today and it will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime you need to either assign a drive letter to the network share or copy it locally before encrypting.

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Thank you very much, this solution helped.

You do know you can use the Windows command line to encrypt or decrypt files with gpg if Kleopatra throws a moody fit?