GPA vs. Kleopatra

Can someone explain to me the differences between GPA and Kleopatra? I am a newbie to PGP, can’t read German, and am having a hard time finding good information - most of what I see on the web refers to previous versions of with older tools. Both GPA and Kleopatra can create key pairs. Both see any key pairs created. Only GPA seems to be able to create a backup copy of the key pairs. I successfully created a backup pair on one PC, and imported that pair into GPG4WIN installed on a second PC. So, I think I have it working OK, just cannot figure out why the two tools that seem to do basically the same thing. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for assistance.

looking for the same info myself. hope someone chimes in and clarifies this

Well Louis, i haven’t idea but i guess it’s all the same, but, Kleopatra has an own interface and with GPA you need type a command line. Maybe i’m wrong, i’m not specialist. =)