GPA Clipboard text size

The text in the Clipboard doesn’t seem to follow DPI settings on the display anymore. I upgraded my computer, and got the latest version of GPG4Win, and the text size on the clipboard (same monitor and resolution as before) is too small to be usable. I’m cutting and pasting from the clipboard into Wordpad after I decrypt to adjust the size.

Is there some way to change the text size on the GPA clipboard that I can’t find?


GPA uses the GTK+ libary to draw its widgets.
There probably is a way to change the gtk+ default.

A search for “gtk windows fontsize” gave me links like

You can give it a try or ask on the users mailinglist.

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That got me pretty close.

The complete answer for Windows 7 is to create a file named .gtkrc-2.0 in the C:/Users/(username) directory, with something like this text:

style “win32-font” {
font_name = “calibri 12”
class “*” style “win32-font”

Apparently Windows got on board with the whole .filename thing, and it will allow you to create a file directly with that name now, doesn’t have to be done through DOS.

This does change the font for everything, menus, popups, etc. which is okay with me.

Thanks for the help!


You are welcome!
Thanks for the feedback and documenting the solution that worked for you!

(A place to more permanently document this could be on

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