GnuPG Newbie - PGP import of keys

I am a newbie to the GnuPG program and I have read through this site and the docs but the only links to finding the answer to my question is a help link to the PGP web site.

I have installed your product and I have configured it for my public/private key. However, it seems that it does not support the import of PGP keys from other email users that I am trying to communicate.

I have their PGP public .asc files but neither the gui or the command line will allow me to import them into my key ring?

Any help would be appreciated. I hate using the bloated PGP Desktop client and would prefer to use this free lightweight client which seems to work better and is much more intuitive.

But I have to be able to communicate to PGP uers as well. Any suggestions or links would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance