GnuPG for Windows v2.3.1 - GPA error caused my computer hang!

Hello there. I wanted to make private key for my account. So I put my name and email in and started generating my PGP private key. Then PC suddenly hung and my cursor appeared to be somewhat scrambled. I believe this is not behaviour that would be normal with the private key generator. Looks like there is an error in the application that’s somewhat connected to CPU and GPU and thus it had direct access to my Windows graphics and due to error my cursor appeared to be scrambled and nothing was clickable, including Start button…

Hi Marek,
gpg4in and its crypto backend do not try to access the graphics hardware.
There is the possibility that your computer has some hardware or other defects.
My suggestion is to run a general diagnostic software on it, that tries to stress
CPU (and other parts).

Best Regards,

Okay. Thank you for your input. In that case I’d rather wait some time as I need first buy new CPU fan. The old one starts slightly dying :frowning: I don’t want to push the CPU to limits with weak fan :frowning: Maybe that’s also the problem. The CPU fan is just too weak to handle CPU pushed to limits, which I believe the generating of the cryptokey actually did…