General Error when creating OpenPGP key pair (Windows10 OS)

Using GNU Privacy Assistant to generate key pair is impossible and leads to general error. See file attached with screenshot to visualize the detailed error.
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Dear Emile,

which version of Gpg4win did you try?
What is the result of your attempt to create a key pair?

(Alternatively: Have you tried Kleopatra? Or the new beta?)

Thanks for your feedback,

Hello Bernhard,

I have installed the last release gpg4win-3.0.3.exe including Cleopatra.
(Bienvenue dans Kleopatra 3.0.2-gpg4win-3.0.3).
This also leads to “general error” issue. See screenshot please.
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This sounds a lot like ( Trustdb corrupted after fresh install of Gpg4win ) In some cases a locking error could lead to this problem. We have it fixed in the next GnuPG release.

You can verify that this is the case by using the command line: gpg --gen-key

As a solution you can remove your gnupg home directory and try again. This should usually work. The gnupg home directory is %APPDATA%\gnupg ( e.g. c:\users\yourusername\appdata\roaming\gnupg )