Format of the announce e-mail


Just a curiosity: Why your announce msg appears as a non formatted text and with attachments for the signature? I attach a screen capture. Outlook 13 32 bits.


Josep M.


Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce it.
The problem is that the Mailing list modifies the mail and changes it from “multipart/signed” to multipart/mixed with the signed contents embedded.

Or maybe more clearly → The Mailing list software attaches a mailing list footer to the mail. This part is not signed.

GpgOL’s parser is not recursive (as we can’t display different mime parts differently) so this results in the display of the signature and the mime part attached by the mailing list displayed as attachments.

I’ve opened an issue for this


Just report that the same issue continues with the announcement of version 3.1.3. I attach a capture.



Yes, ticket is still open. I’m shying away a bit from that issue because it will mean activating much of our code for every mail as we have to put the mail through our parser before we can detect / handle this situation.

So before we can do that we have to make sure our parser is absolutely rock solid.