Folder size limit for gpg4win

I am new using gpg4win and I want to encrypt a folder.
Folder size is aprox. 7GB and contain about 30 subfolders.
my output ~tar.gpg file size is only 184 MB and there is only one subfolder encrypted. All the rest missing.

Kleopatra told me, that encryption succeeded.

Q1: Is there a any folder size limitation or number of files limitation for encryption?
Q2: Should I configured a size for temporary directory somewhere ?

bellow is the end of my log.file

it is the same thing using:
win7/pc1 gpg4win 2.0.27
win8/pc2 gpg4win 2.0.22

CleoLog.txt (3.8 KB)

I sincerely apologize, but I have found a mistake.
It looks like one of my files is corrupted or something else is wrong.
I do not know which file.
But when encryption finds it, gpg finish the job without any warning.

However, I am interested in the answer, or there is limit to the size of the folder