File Size Problem


We are using “GnuPG” for our transfer files Encrypt and Decryption. Software is very good working, but our problem is ; If our file size grow (e.g. : 180 KB > ) this software is not running . We use pgp with .NET Framework . What can we do for this problem, thank you for best opinions.

Hi Polat,
can you detail your problem?
Which versions are you using in particular?
How to you access gnupg? (Recommended is to use gpgme).
Does it work on the comand line?

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ps.: Like my response?
I appreciate if you flattr Gpg4win at Thanks!

Hi ,

I use gpg4win 2.1.1 version with .net Framework application. I send to verbos commands for crypto. İt is success working . Bu if my string (size > 180 KB) not working. İt is loccked.