File Integrity Check not matching up.

According to the “Check integrity of Gpg4win packages” page
( the checksum should be as follows:

SHA256 checksums
e0fddc840808eef9531f14a515f8b3b6c46511977f00569161129c1dee413b38 gpg4win-4.1.0.exe

However, when I run the windows ps command I get the following:

PS [path redacted]> get-filehash .\gpg4win-3.1.4.exe
Algorithm | Hash | Path
[path redacted].\gpg4win-3.1.4.exe

These hashes do not match up. I am not a powershell expert. Is there something I am missing or doing incorreclty?


you used the correct method but you compared the checksum of version 4.1.0 with the one of version 3.1.4.
You can find some of the older checksums on but not that one of 3.1.4. Maybe you could find the checksum for 3.1.4 via the Wayback Machine.
Anyway, it would be better if you downloaded the current version which is 4.1.0.

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