Hi folks at gpg4win!

First of all I want to say how much I like your work!! I’m a windows user and tried a couple of programs which should provide me with a GUI for PGP encryption a year or two ago, but none of them convinced me. I think gpg4win can do so! The best thing for me was the tutorial which I think is really, really great!!

Ok, now some constructive stuff :wink: I don’t know whether I’m addressing those bug reports/suggestions to the right place, but I’m sure you can forward it there :slight_smile:

I’m using a 120 dpi resolution on my two computers. Unfortunately I had to experience that PGPee is completely unusable on both of them because parts of the GUI are “outside” of the window where I can’t reach them. It works fine when I change the resolution, but that can’t be a solution.

I had to experience another bug: Whatever I typed in in the search field for the keyserver in GPA, I had that windows error message box which told me that there was a problem with gpa.exe and it had to be closed. I’m using Windows XP SP 2 and most current patches.

GPA opens a console window in the background which I can’t close without closing GPA itself. This is “only” a superficiall thing but very ugly and unsupportable for most users that are used to “nice” GUIs (imo).

Now a less important suggestion: I think it would be really usefull if GPA would save the position and size of the last window.

If you need any more information, don’t hesitate to ask!

Greets, Ingo Müller

I found a little misspelling in the advanced tutorial on site 46, 4th paragraph:

“[…], keuzen Sie einfach die entsprechenden […]”

Greets, Ingo Müller

I just realized that GPA crashes however I try to interact with a keyserver (search a public key, publish my own public one…)

In general: You may feed bug reports dircetly
into the bugtracker.

I am not sure what 120dpi acutally means. What is the size of your screen in pixels?

GPA Problem: What gpg4win version did you tried?
(next week 0.8.0 will appear which solves
a number of gpa bugs, perhaps you try that
one again and report if the problem still persists).

I filed bugs for your two suggestions on gpa.



eagle eye :slight_smile:

Thanks, I just fixed it in SVN.

Can you retry with gpg4win 0.8.0 once
it is released?


The version I am using is 0.7.0 and I’ll definitely try the following version as soon as it is released :slight_smile:

I don’t precicely know what DPI means technically. But what it does is it sets the size of objects on the screen in inches (not in pixels). I’m using this because I’ve a 1400x1050 resolution on a quite small screen, so in 120 DPI, the fonts, windows, menus are in a comfortably readable size.

You can find the settings on Windows XP by rightclicking on the desktop, then, Properties>Settings>Advanced>General>DPI setting.

If you need more information, you’re welcome to ask me :slight_smile:

Greets, Ingo Müller

DPI = Dots per Inch
DPI is a resolution.
1400x1050 is not a resolution, it is the size
in pixels.

Does Windows somehow allow you to find out
the size of the screen with your selected


I just uploaded a screenshot on my page so you can see what I meant:

The window is 377 pixels high and 562 pixels wide, but, as I’m using 120 DPI, not all the content is displayed.

My screen has a resulution of 120 dpi, is 1050 pixels or 21,5cm high and 1400 pixels or 28,5 cm wide.

I hope I got everything right, that time, otherwise keep asking :wink:

Greets, Ingo MÜller

hm, perhaps Timo might have an idea.

Hi folks!

Here are my experiences with the new version 0.8.0:

I can use PGA to communicate with the server now! I was also able to delete a couple of keys with WinPT. Before, I realized that it only crashed occasionally in the previous version when deleting a key. I’ll report as soon as I experience the bug again.

All other bugs are still there, unfortunately (120-dpi in gpgee, console window in pga as well as storing position, winpt only interacts with one server). If you want to report back, let me know.

Greets, Ingo Müller