Exporting certificate - Export Secret Key - key protection- no option for ASCII


using Kleopatra v. 3.1.11
when trying to export secret Key for backup there is no ASCII option in dialog (as it used to be).

Please is the exported key protected and how?
Does the exported key contains public key?

Thank you!

Hi Leon,

the private key is protected with the passphrase in the OpenPGP format (see RFC4880).

I’m not sure when the “ascii option” was lost, but by test with the current Gpg4win and its Kleopatra results in .asc being the default for creating a backup file, so the flag is not necessary from a usability point of view. ASCII encoding is always used and has nothing to do with the (cryptographic) protection of a secret key.

Yes the exported secret key also contains the public key (in my test).

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Thank you!
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