Export Public Key?

I installed the product, created a key and when I click on it it states that the key has both a public and private part. How do I get just the public part to send to the receiver?

By command line (from the DOS prompt) or through the GUI?
For command line help see http://www.spywarewarrior.com/uiuc/gpg/gpg-com-4.htm
and look under Key management/Export keys. Exporting just the public part is standard. Exporting the secret part is more of the exception and should be just for backup purposes mainly.

Ok…I think I just noticed something. In the GUI if I choose Keys > Export Keys it is only exporting my public key but if I choose Keys > Backup it is backing up both my Public and Private keys?

I just noticed the window title on Keys>Export states “Export Public Keys to File”

I think you got it. The public key you can give to anyone because you can not decrypt with it only encrypt. Even the person who encrypts the file can not read the encrypted file. Keep the private key safe.

Thanks Greg! I understand about the only sending out the Public Key part. That is why I was concerned with exporting just the Public key. I didn’t want to send out the Private key by mistake.

Thank you for your help!