errors while using command line for gpg4win

I have a remote site, telling me that they are getting the attached error message sometimes.
would this imply that the key is not imported properly?

the command line option I’m using is
gpg.exe --armor --batch --yes --passphrase-file " + p_file + " --output " + s_path + '.asc ’ + '–local-user ’ + key_user + ’ --sign ’ + s_path

any ideas?

gpgerror.docx (32.2 KB)

you have an odd number of " (3) I would check those. Check to see if you put an expiration date on the key.

  • Greg

the command line seems to be working ok.
but, it periodically is coming up with the message
do you know what would cause it to say… that the default private key is no longer available