Error when encrypting emails with attachments

software involved
GPG4WIN (latest)
Outlook 2016 (latest updates)

Emails encrypted/signed with attachments will empty the contents of the entire email, remove attachments and glitch so that you have to close the entirety of outlook to be able to send emails anymore, encrypted or not.

This has been reproduced on two machines in our environment. Both devices are surface pro 4’s locked down with GPO, etc.

This happens with some attachments, mostly Microsoft Office files. If you encounter this please go back to
or install as described on

Apologies for the inconvenience a release to fix this will be coming soon.

We have been linking to documents on shared platforms in the meantime.

Thanks for the update Andre!

I confirm this happend to me as well.
I tried the beta but it did not help
I am back on 3.1.2