Error running gpg4Win in linux RHEL 8

I am following the instructions mentioned in the link below to install gpg4 in Linux RHEL 8.

While executing the ./ --build-w32 , getting error as below -
“Using /root/w32root as standard install directory
Cross compiler kit not installed
Under Debian GNU/Linux, you may install it using
apt-get install mingw32 mingw32-runtime mingw32-binutils

Note: I did the installation of the same by downloading & executing the gpg4win-4.0.3.exe provided for Windows and it worked without any issues.

Can you please help on how to resolve this issue? Attached the screenshot of the error for your reference.


Hi Niranchana,

note that Gpg4win is only for computer running Microsoft Windows.

For GNU/Linux systems you would want to install GnuPG plus the application
that use it for graphical front ends, e.g. Kontact/Kmail oder Claws-Mail
or Dolphin. The expert management interface is Kleopatra.
Usually the best way is to get them from the package channels of your distribution.

The instructions you mention are for building Gpg4win. :slight_smile: