"Error Retrieving Audit Log: Decryption failed" During Decrypt / Verify


Version 3.0.0-gpg4win-3.0.0

I created a certificate from scratch and shared the public key with a vendor who used it to encrypt two small data files. When he sent me the files, I attempted to use Decrypt / Verify to decrypt them on the same PC I used to create the certificate.

I am prompted for the Passphrase which is accepted.

I then received the following error:

“Error Retrieving Audit Log: Decryption failed” During Decrypt / Verify

See attached screenshot.

Any assistance on how to solve this would be appreciated.



Hi Dale,
did you use OpenPGP or CMS for the certificate?
I guess the output file is not there in the directory?

Can you try using the command line (cmd.exe), e.g.
gpg -v --decrypt FILE.enc
And can you check the file with an editor to see if it really contains
something that looks encrypted?