Error Opening Kleopatra

Really Need Help Please I keep getting this error and the user I am using is already an ADMIN


I have the same issue. I’ve updated from an old version. Now I can’t use Kleopatra any more. Of course my local user account has administrative privileges. I do not “start as Administrator”

Kleopatra kann nicht als Administrator ausgeführt werden ohne Dateiberechtigungen im GnuPG Datenordner zu beschädigen.
Um Zertifiakte für andere Nutzer zu verwalten tun Sie dies bitte mit einem Nutzeraccount und kopieren anschließdend das ‘AppData\Roaming\gnupg’ Verzeichnis mit den korrekten Dateirechten.

I have a solution for this problem. I had an idea and I was right.
The Windows UAC is causing this issue. (User Account Control)

Set it to the second entry from above and the problem is gone.

In German:
Einstellungen für Benutzerkontensteuerung: Nur benachrichtigen, wenn von Apps Änderungen am Computer vorgenommen werden (Standard)


Oh no, that was not the intended effect. Having Applications like Kleopatra running as Administrator (and it seems that you usually run everything als Administrator) is not good system security. Any Software executed with such privileges can take over or break your entire System. That’s the Windows XP way and I thought this is no longer relevant in practice.

Anyhow. I think the fatal error was too harsh and in a future version we will convert this to a warning:

I’m glad this is turning into a warning.

I need to schedule an automated task with a service account in Windows. That account needs admin privileges on the server.

Blocking admin accounts completely basically breaks Kleopatra and WinGPG for me.

Why does the account need admin privileges and run Kleopatra?

When doing an automated task kleopatra is not necessary, as it is an interactive application. So one reason I could think of would be setup. You could use Kleopatra for setup with a regular account and then copy over the setup files. It is probably much safter.

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