encrypting E-Mails automatically


We use Outlook 2003 / Thunderbird to communicate within out company.

Is there any way to make encrypting as fast as possible?

It would be very good if one could set a number of user profiles being matched to certain public keys.

This would make the communication much easier because no public key should be choosen manually.

An other question is whether decrypting could be done automatically. (No passphrase must be written)

I think it could be done only by using smart cards.

Any suggestion?

Thank you very much.



Hi, the features you are asking should mainly be done in the email application itself (As opposed to the crypto backend). So if you are using Enigmail, you should send them your suggestions.

E.g. KMail/Kontact can save certificates for each contact, so the certificate selection is simplified.

Note that for the featue of passphrases there are several solutions on the side of the crypto-engine: The gpg-agent is caching the passphrase if you want to - you could extend the time period until the cache is cleared. You could also create a key without a passphrase (for some automated causes) or use a smartcart (which is supported by Gnupg):