encrypting/decrypting text files

Can i use kleopatra for the following
I want send just an encrypted text file to someone
and they would send me one back
my question is how do i encrypt the file i want to send and than decrypt the file i received
there is only an exchange of public keys between the two of us

Thanks for the help

They wouuld have to send you their public key for you to use for encrypting, so they could decrypt it with their secret key. You would have to send them your public key for them to encrypt so that you can decrypt it. Once encrypted with their public key even you cannot read the encrypted file. Only they can decrypt it. That is the beauty of public keys, they can only encrypt so it is safe to send out over email.

Yes but how do i import the public key to decrypt it

You import the public key to encrypt it not decrypt it. You generate a key pair to create your secret key and public key. Then you export the public key and send that to the person who is going to send you encrypted files. You will then use your secret key to decrypt the file they send you. Your secret key is already on your keyring.
They will export their public key and send it you so you can encypt files you send to them. Both of you have to import the public key that is sent onto your respective key rings.
I only use batch jobs to automate this stuff and never use the windows front end but here is a good link to how to manage keys from the DOS prompt (it is old but still works):


see the key management section for what you are looking for but the whole thing is not a bad read.

If you want to move or copy your secret key (after reading the GPG compendium, http://www.gpg4win.org/doc/en/gpg4win-compendium.html and the above link and you still want to do it) go here: