Encrypt & verify PASSED but decrypt & verify FAILED


I succeed to encrypt & verify my complete “Documents” directory
(~3.8 Go) but when I want to decrypt & verify it, Kleopatra aborts &
nothing is untared in expected directory.

I enabled some debug environment
variable from https://www.gpg4win.org/doc/en/gpg4win-compendium_29.html but when I look into logs I don’t see clear
reasons of abort.

I am attaching some of the logs & it would be great if you can help in
narrowing or work-arounding this issue.

Many thanks,


kleo-log (32.2 KB)


I am attaching another log so that you can help in narrowing or work-arounding this issue.

With regards,


Agent.log (9.76 MB)

Hi Gérald,

deriving from your post, is the following correct:

  • You are using gpg4win 2.3.2
  • After encrypting and signing you end up with a ~3.8 Gigabyte encrypted tar file?
  • decryption with kleopatra fails, though you get a password entry.

What is the precide message kleopatra gets you? No message?

If this is the case, I think the next diagnostic step would be to try to
decrypt the file on the command line to see more messages.
Could you try a
gpg2 -v --decrypt path-to/yourfile