Encrypt using Win context menu hangs

I choose a folder to encrypt and right-click and select Encrypt under “More GpgEX options”. Then I choose the public key I want to encrypt with and set the filename. The .gpg file then builds for a long time but never completes. The file is very large, at about 125GB. The process appears to be complete, as 125GB is the size of the folder unencrypted, but the process never completes. I let it run for several days. Anybody have any idea why?

Hi Mike,
there maybe an upper limit to what Gpg4win can handle, depending on the memory of your RAM and hard disc. You have probably found it for your machine.

If you really need to encrypt files as big, you could try to split them up.

Best Regards,

There should not be an upper limit but it might run into bugs.

But for such large files it is better to use the command line directly because the whole interprocess communication using the GUI causes it to be slower then if you just use gpg.exe directly on the command line.