Encrption does not respond in Outlook


I have installed the application with another user that knows this product. We cannot get the installation on my end working. Here is the problem.

-It does not verify signatures.

-It does not decrypt the message body - saves it as a 0bytes file; e.g. ATT00048.dat.

-It encrypts attachments, but only with the host key - not the recipients (recipient’s key not shown in drop down window).

I believe this has to be a configuration issue on my client. Please help.

Thank you.

More info.

The GPA application sees my key and the key of the colleague. However, the GPGee application does not. It only shows my own key.

Why can GPGee not read the public key ring?

GpgEE is only incorporated into Gpg4win, but
not developed by the core GnuPG team.

There is a forum at the GpgEE website where
you might get an answer to this question.

I guess you already logged out and in so that GPGee gets reinitialized. We need to test whether this is a GPGee problem or a general one.

Please check whether WinPT sees the key. Install WiNPT if you have not done yet. Then check its key listing.

Another test: Create a new test key with GPA and check whether GPGee sees that key.

What versions of Windows and Outlook are you using?