Empty email on webmail or android

using an old version of gpg4win I used to receive the encrypted email as text (or attachment) in case I’m not using my pc with gpg4win installed.

With 3.1.10 I don’t receive the message anymore if I check it on my android phone or via webmail.

As you can see in attach I have a conversation between a user (1) using an old version of gpg4win and a user (2) using the last version.

In the email 1 I can see the encrypted mail as a text and then an attachment encrypted as well.
In the second email I can’t read the encrypted email and I have a 12byte attachment that I opened with notepad and says only “Version: 1”

Is there an option on Kleopatra to make sure that the email I send are readable as plain text?

Thank you



The Option is in GpgOL (accessible via the corner icon in the GpgOL Icon). It is called “Send OpenPGP mails without attachments as PGP/Inline”

When attachments are added PGP/MIME will be used automatically because PGP/Inline does not support included attachments.

But this has its downside, as the tooltip says:

Instead of using the PGP/MIME format, which properly handles attachments and encoding,
the deprecated PGP/Inline is used.
This can be required for compatibility but should generally not be used.

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I understand.
Thank you very much