Editing gpg.conf file

It took me ages to figure this out so I’ll post it here in case (a) it can be of help to someone else who has the same problem and (b) I might be able to find it again if I have to do it again and can’t remember how.

Anyway, I need to configure Kleopatra to send PGP signed mail with a v3 signature. The flag to use on the command line would normally be:

So how to configure this in Kleopatra?

Turned out to be easy in the end:
Find gpg.conf which for me was in C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\gnupg

Add the following to the last line of the file (ie after the bit that says it will not not change anything below these lines):

Note: don’t use the dashes as you would with the command line flag - that was the bit that took me a while to figure out.

Save the file and that’s it.

I guess the procedure would be similar to edit other things in the gpg.conf file.