ECC key generation failure

If generated with the newest GnuPG 1.2.9. version several times different kinds of an ECC key, the result is, that I can generate the key, but after creation of the key pair and receiving (displaying) the key pair in my Kleopatra, it has shown to me in the “Certificate details” that the key has a 0 bit strength !!! I really don’t know how to solve this problem. Also the same key is shown in Keopatra’s “Trusted Certificate” column, and because it could not be moved to the “My Certificate” column, so I cannot use it for encryption.
Please help me in this issue… Many thanks !!!
Dear Robertson

Perhaps GPG4Win itself does not yet support ECC? The latest release uses GnuPG v2.0.29 by default.

-Sean C.


It looks as though ECC support is not planned until the end of 2016.

See here:

-Sean C.

yes it is true, Gpg4win does not yet have ECC report!

I think that Robert ist reporting an issue with the “modern” “brand new” version
of GnuPG which is 2.1.9 at time of writing.

Robert, testing of 2.1.9 is appreciated a lot, please send your findings to the gnupg-devel mailinglist. Note that Kleopatra and the rest of Gpg4win is not yet tested with the “brand new modern” version of GnuPG.