Double category in outlook msg view


Sometimes I see this double category in a msg coming from some users. I attach a capture.
Also, in this particular adress when I tried to sign and trust the certificate, Kleopatra sais me that it’s already signed. Also, as you can view, not always a category has color. Outlook 2013 and GPG4WIN 3.19.

Is there any way to check and/or verify consistency of public keys database?


JMa Rexach

Anotación 2019-07-09 224544.png


Yes we have problems with the categories, especially when quickly switching between mails. There is a bit of a timing Problem with Outlook as we quickly remove and modify categories so that they are individual. We have to look into it I find it annoying, too.

I created a task on and added you as a subscriber.

One consistency check that is done automatically is “–check-trustdb”

For a single key you can do something like “–check-sigs” that should also list the signatures of a key. (If it does not try --list-sigs)
In Kleopatra you can also find out more about key signatures when you double click the key and then select “Certifications”.

Thanks for the reports,

Thks Andree,
I checked the database following your instructions and I found some strange errors, so I recovered from an older backup the entire directory gnupg. Now check is ok.
I’ll wait for a new messages from MS, to look if these double categories appear. The most rare is this double trust level for the same key.
Also the lock icon on the left some times doesn’t appears.

Hi Andree,
I looked from my las t msg that after repair database no more emails appeared with double category.
But thee-mails still apears with or without the lockey icon on the left in the messages list from the same sender. I were not able to discover any rule for this behaviour. Looking with MFCMAPI the messages have a diferent Message Class (IPM.Note / IPM.Note.GpgOL.ClearSigned)

I hope that this helps you.