DOS command line (PGP for Win)

I have a question regarding PGP for Win.

Where I find the set of librairies that I could add to a VB6 win application, or the DOS command lines, to be able to sign a file on the disk?

I can do it manually, but I have to automate the process in a Win32 application.

Thanks for helping.

I have the same question.

I am importing a PGP-signed data file into a MySQL database via MS Access using VB6, and would like to add fields for the signer’s name, date of signature, and the keyid.

Any suggestions\resources?

Use this GPG command in VB. It will create a text file (result.txt) with the output of the decrypt gpg command, not the decrypted file, but the command result of success or error.

echo YOURPASSPHRASE| gpg --passphrase-fd 0 --decrypt-files “ENCRYPTEDFILE.GPG” 2> result.txt

Parse this file to retrieve the ID, the signer’s name and date of signature.

Hope it helps