do not want auto-decxrypt files

I want to encrypt some files on my pc, which works fine.
However, when clicking on the encrypted file it automatically decrypts the file, which means anybody with access to my pc can decript files.
How can I set it such that a pwd is required to decrypt?

Hi Roland,

note that Gpg4win will cache your passphrase for a while (default is 10 minutes).
So if you do a crypto operation within this period, after entering your passphrase,
the crypto operation will be done automatically.

(Technical: The component doing the caching is called gpg-agent.)

So after 10 minutes, a entering the passphrase for your private key should be necessary when trying to decrypt.

Best Regards,
ps.: (Yes you can change the default to disable caching. When stopping the agent, it will “forget” the cached passphrased.)

Aloha Bernhard,
Your comment is exactly on the mark: I encrypted a file, waited more than 10 minutes, and sure enough, I had to enter the pwd for decryption.
Thank you very much indeed for the clarification - much appreciated.

Best regards,

Hi Roland,
you are welcome!
Good to know it is working for your now!

Best Regards,