Decryption issue with files provided by Bendigo Bank

ur local bank is sending encrypted text files to us that we were decrypting using Gpg4win version 2.3.3.

After a Windows 10 update and our vulnerability software seeing it as a risk and updating it to the latest version, I have been unable to reinstall V2.3.3 as it loops at the point where it advises to close running apps and will not progress.

So, given that it seems that I have to use the latest version… how can I get V3 to permit the decryption of badly encrypted files from the bank?

The error given is:

ES256.CFB encrypted data
gpg: encrypted with 1 passphrase
gpg: WARNING: message was not integrity protected
gpg: decryption forced to fail!

I am guessing from this that I need to prevent the “forced to fail”? Can this be done?

oh my,

for really legacy messages Kleopatra offers an option in the GUI to decrypt anyway but you are seeing a modern cipher without the MDC code.

So you have to pass “–ignore-mdc-error” to the command. Probably also “–rfc2440” to the command.

That should work. You can also put them in %APPDATA%\gnupg\gpg.conf as “ignore-mdc-error” (without the dashes) so that they are passed even if kleopatra is used for decryption.