Decryption hangs at 100%

Received an encrypted zip file from Apple with instructions to use gpg4win software to decrypt it. Installed the software with Kleopatra version. Tried to decrypt the file multiple times. It sits for about 10 mins at 100% and then starts again-goes into loop. One time it actually did say all operations completed, but said “Decryption failed: System error w/o errno.” Please help!!

decryption error.PNG


strange, please try to restart your system once to ensure that no process from us is somehow locked.
Then please try to decrypt again and this time if it errors please click on “Diagnostics” and post the info it shows here. Maybe then we can figure out what the problem is.



I did click on “Diagnostics” but it didn’t give me the error description or how to resolve it.
Anyways, I did figure out what was the error. There was no enough space on the hard drive for the output folder and the file didn’t have permissions to be decrypted on USB. It would have been nice if the program had that info listed when it errored out.

Thank you!