Decryption failed: Service is not running

I have installed my private and public keys in Kleopatra version 4.0.0 and GnuPG 2.3.4. While decrypting the key, it threw the error “Decryption failed: Service is not running”. For older version of GnuPG software it was “Decryption failed: No secret key”. Any lead to resolve this issue. The error screen shots are attached.


Hi Ajish,

is this a new email or file that you are decrypting or a new one?

Which type of encryption is used?

I’m asking because if this is a new file/email, it maybe that it was not encrypted for your public key.

You could also use “gpg --list-secret-keys” on the command line to see which secret keys
you have installed.


Hi Bernhard,
Thank you for the response.
I am not trying to decrypt the email. It is an encrypted file send my client and my key is shared with client also for the encryption. It was working earlier and even the file already decrypted and try to decrypt once again faced same issue. So, looks like encryption made for my file not working which was successfully decrypted earlier. That is strange situation.

gpg --list-secret-keys command give below output. Looks like it is correct.

sec# rsa2048 2021-09-27 [SC]
uid [ultimate] Ajish Pulikkool
ssb rsa2048 2021-09-27 [E]

Hi Ajish,

try to decrypt the file on the command line and add a “-v” option to see more.
Then it will show for which public keys the file is encrypted to.
(You do not need to post it here. But can compare it with your secret key.)
You may also get other information what what is going wrong.