Decryption Failed No Data Error

I am having difficulties decrypting messages i have sent to myself. It keeps displaying this error message “Could not determine whether this is an S/MIME or an OpenPGP signature - maybe it is not a signature at all?” when I try to decrypt the file.

If I try to decrypt after copying it onto the clipboard I get this message “Clipboard contents → Clipboard: Decryption failed: No data. No Audit Log available”. I’m not sure what’s going on.

Here’s what I’m doing that leads to this problem:

  1. Create text file with random message
  2. Copy to clipboard and encrypt
  3. Print off the encrypted text
  4. Scan it back in using OCR (and correct any formatting errors)
  5. Copy encrypted text to clipboard
  6. Decrypt it

It’s odd but I’m attempting to be able to have a hard copy message with no digital footprint that I can decrypt at any time. I’m interested in doing this still but am more concerned at the moment as to why it’s not working. Does anyone have any ideas?

I’m using GPG4Win, specifically Kleopatra Version 3.0.0-gpg4win-3.0.1 on a Windows 7 system.

No Data is a pretty generic error which means that GnuPG did not find valid OpenPGP data. Probably something OCR’ed wrong?

I would recommend that you save the scanned contents to a text file and then use the command line (CMD.exe) to decrypt the file with gpg.exe

gpg --decrypt

Or gpg --list-packets Then you might get better errors.