Decrypting Files

I’m using GPGEx to encrypt files. I have 6 users that make changes to a single file on our network. I have one of the users edit and encrypt the file for the other 5 users. The other 5 users are not able to decrypt the file. How can I encrypt this file for all of those users to access and edit?

I appreciate any feedback. I’m new to the software.

is the one copy of the file being encrypted with one just one public key and file copy two with key 2, etc or is the one file being encrypted with 5 keys in one go?

I am not sure what your goal is, Rachel. Is it that the one user’s role is to be the only person, to encrypt the file, and the other 5 users should be able to decrypt the file, for editing, after which the one user is then to re-encrypt it?

Hi Selvan,

If I understand your question correctly, then it’s being encrypted with 5 keys in one setting. I’m taking one of the users to encrypt the file and when it prompts “who to encrypt the file for” I chose the other 5 users. The file does encrypt, but when I go to the other 5 users to decrypt on their workstation that points to the same file…it doesn’t work.

Yes, I believe you stated that right. I want all 6 users to be able to make changes to the same file as well as encrypt/decrypt the file when done.

Is this possible? I’m not sure how I have to set it up for this work.

I’m new to this myself but here goes!

What’s encrypted with key a can only be decrypted by key a.

Any party in the group encrypting needs to do it with all parties keys, 1 private and x number of public keys (the private key being that of the person doing the encryption).

It seems to me that should work just fine.

Yes that’s exactly how I am doing it. I am taking one of the users importing her certificate and the other users via Kleopatra. I encrypt the file, add the users, and it shows successful. I go to one of the users to decrypt the file and it doesn’t work. Only the user that encrypted the file at first is able to decrypt this file.

Am I missing a step?

start over with picking only one user.

to rule out a forgotten passphrase, have that user right click their private key (it’s in bold) and select certificate details + change passphrase. If able to successfully, you know it’s not due to a forgotten one.

now have that user extract a new certificate while accepting the default name, it should be a long alphanumeric string ending with a .asc

you right click and delete that users existing public key, then import the new.

now drag and drop the file into the kleopatra window and encrypt it using your private key and that users public key only and send it.

go to that user and try to decrypt it, if not successful, tell me, in detail, the steps taken, and the results viewed… in detail.

Thanks so much. I’ll do it and follow up tomorrow. I really appreciate the advice.