Decrypt error

I have been using Kleopatra for some time on Win 7 without an issue until I upgraded to Win10. I imported my pair of keys successfully onto Win 10, and can encrypt files ok. When it comes to decrypting files, Kleopatra refuses the decryption with the message: ‘filename–>Decryption canceled’, and underneath that is the line ‘Note: You cannot be sure who encrypted this message as it is not signed’.

On Win 10 if I decrypt using the command line instead, then decryption takes place without an error. So why is Kleopatra causing this issue?

Hi Paul,

if the behaviour is different, I guess that you have also switched to a newer version of Gpg4win?

(The behaviour should be the same for the same version.)

I take it, this is a file encrypted with OpenPGP? (And not CMS)

If so, we’ve introduced some protection against attacks that add something
to a file that is only encrypted. This should only happen with files
that are OpenPGP but, using a deprecated method or CMS encrypted files
without signature.

A gpg -v --decrypt should give you some more details on the files.

Best Regards,

And today Kleopatra is working just fine. Really weird and no idea why I could not decrypt with it yesterday. I’ll just accept the situation as it now is, and hopefully it does not play up again.

Hi Paul,
nice to hear that stuff is working for.
If it was the same files that are working yesterday, maybe some component
needed a restart? If it were different files, it could have been that they were encrypted differently.

Best Regards,