Decription failed: No secret key

I installed Gpg4win 2.2.3. I can encrypt files and anyone can decrypt if they have my public key (*.asc), but if I received a file encrypted by them, when I try to decrypt the file, Kleopatra shows this message in the log: “gpg[4796] decryption failed. No secret key”.
Any idea about this problem?

Public keys don’t decrypt, they encrypt only. Secret keys decrypt. I think you have it backwards. You encrypt with their public key and only they can decrypt it, you can’t even decrypt the file once it is encrypted even though you created it.

When you encrypt the file you if you must chose which public keys to encrypt it to. If you encrypt it to Bob and Sue’s public keys only THEY can decrypt it. If you want to decrypt the file as well, add your public key as well.