Deccryption Failure

I’m fairly new to the PGP world. We recently installed Kleopatra to encrypt and decrypt EDI files. I keep getting a failure when attempting to decrypt the example file from our vendor. ‘No Data’ and ‘Unknown Error’. I’d added and certified the vendor’s key. What am I missing?

Not sure. You say you are attempting to decrypt an example file from the vendor but you also say that you added the Vendor’s key. If you imported the vendor’s key onto your keything this will only allow you to encrypt a file to be sent to that vendor. You wil never be able to decrypt that file even though you created it with the vendor’s public key. Only the vendor can decrypt the file as only the vendor has the secret key part of the key pair that the vendor created. If you want the vendor to encrypt a file for you then you must created a key pair and export the public key to a file and send it to the vendor. Then when the vendor sends the file encrpted with your key you can decrypt it with your key and only you. No one who intercepts the file can decrypt it because no one but you has the secret part of the key (not even the vendor can decrypt it once it is encrypted).

Thanks for the help.

There were a pair of problems I was hitting…one was the wrong key being used to decrypt. I was using my key to decrypt their file. changed that and I was able to decrypt the test file. Not sure how I ended up with that mistake in my script. :slight_smile:

Biggest problem actually ended up being that the end user’s system treated a duplicate file as a decryption failure after having successfully decrypting the file.