Crash with OL2016

Hi, using 3.1.3 on Win 10 x64 and OL2016+Exchange.
When I receive a signed message I can read it as it arrives and see the verified green bar. If I switch to another message and then again to that message, OL takes 5 seconds and then crashes.
When OL restarts, that message is selected and visibile, but again if I switch to another message and again to that OL crashes.
I tried a lot of messages, with/without attachments is the same.
Any suggestion?

gpgol_log.txt (51.9 KB)

I added a log with the sequence: at 13:01 I opened the email and verified ok, then went away and again on that message. Crash. Reopen OL and the message is shown


apologies for the delayed response. I was on a short vacation.

Thank you for reporting this issue as which is a better place for such a report.

Best Regards,

Got it!

Thanks for your log. This helped. I’ll respond in more detail in the task.