corrupted encrypted data

if our encrypted file or data is corrupted, maybe due to upload download process in cloud storage, can it be decrypted ?

how to protect / prevent corrupted encrypted file or data ?

how to recover corrupted encrypted file or data ?

Hi Jaka,

trying to answer your questions:

  • The underlying encryption would allow in theory allow it in some situations
    to try to decrypt a file where parts are missing (or are corrupt) however there is
    no easy way to do this offered by GnuPG (the crypto engine within Gpg4win)
    for good reasons.

  • Encryption with OpenPGP (since many years) uses a “modification detection code” (MDC),
    which is like a checksum, so it can be seen that a file’s integrity is intact. For S/MIME
    it is better to sign the file. (Overall the rule of thumb is: sign the file,
    as a signature is a very strong “checksum”.)

  • Usually there is not way to recover corrupted data, so best is to request it again
    from the communication partner or use a backup.


thank you