Copying GPG4Win to a new machine

I want to install GPG4Win on another machine of mine. After I run the installer on the new PC, what key files (no pun intended) do I need to copy from the first PC?


Hi Mark,
there are two different set of configurations: OpenPGP and CMS (for S/MIME).

With OpenPGP you would like to copy four things

  1. your private key material
  2. all public keys that you have (public key storage, previously called public key “ring”), this includes third party signatures, if you have any
  3. the settings about which pubkeys you trust (trusting the owners of other keys, short “owner trust”.)
  4. special Konfiguration settings, if you have made some shows where the directory of the personal user settings are. For OpenPGP this should have all files. (An explanation of the files is in the GnuPG technical manual, this also has more fine grained technical backup possibilities.)

Does this help you already?


Thanks for info. I was able to import them into Thunderbird 78 with GPG4Win also installed. Not real happy they don’t share the same keystore like they did before so will have to make sure they are kept in sync.