Copy of email

I understand that it would not be desirable to have plain text copies of encrypted emails, but some (most) are not that secret and I would like to have copies. Once I have encrypted an email I can not (obviously) decrypt it. I do not want all my sent emails to be inaccessible to myself. I am using Outlook 2010 under Win 7 x64.

Is there any way around this?

I am not familiar with Outlook but what you are asking is standard practice on the Thunderbird/enigmail combination where you have an option to encrypt for yourself as well as the intended addressee.

If you have not this option in Outlook, do you have the possibility to define several destination addresses on any given email ? Does the Outlook plugin permit you to define multiple addressees for encryption, each with his own public key ? Can you send yourself a copy encrypted with your public key ?

If not, I would be tempted to dump Outlook.

That could be why I see the attached. Does that mean that it is trying to send an email back to me? I did post a question about this dialogue but got no takers. I do not seem to get any copy. It is not obvious how this aspect should work.


Looking at your png image, I note that your red remark obscures part of the top line but the part I can see says “…ave been selected for each recipient:”

This is encouraging because you can apparently send to multiple recipients therefore you will be able to define the appropriate public key for each recipient. This gives hope that you can send yourself an encrypted copy.

As for your remark in red : if you don’t know who “” is, then perhaps he has been defined as an example in a configuration file somewhere in your setup and you could substitute your own name@email. This could then be a prompt to select your own public key (or one specific key if you have several).

I should dig around some more in your setup - preferences / options / config files.

The guy@ email address is the default email address for Outlook - sorry if I did not make that clear. I can see why it is there now. I find Kleopatra confusing as many of the active buttons have a greyed out (inactive) appearance.

I have installed Thunderbird 24 and the Enigmail plugin and set up a new email account and generated another key so I will do some testing. I wanted to give TB a spin anyway.

Many thanks for your help, you have set me off in the right direction.



Glad you’re making progress. Yes, I find Kleopatra hasn’t got the best documentation and it’s also slower than the other gui, GPA. Don’t forget that enigmail has a key manager which can be quite convenient at times.