Convert .asc to .pkr?


I’m new to PGP and I used Kleopatra to create my PGP keys. I’m toying with an automation system to download .pgp files from a contact but the program I’m using is looking for .pkr and .skr files.

Their support is saying to use Kleopatra to convert my .asc to a .pkr file. How do I do this?

Again, I’m just starting to learn about PGP and Kleopatra so sorry if this is a stupid question. :confused:

Hello Edgar,
I am not absolutely sure and I do not have those files any more. I remember them from old PGP-Times and I think they are the public or secret keyring.
If it is so, they are, als told by their name, for Your use only and without exception. That means they should never ever leave Your personal ownership; therefore this question is senseless.

I understand they are not to be shared, and that is not my intention. I’m trying to add a .asc to automate the decryption process but the tool I’m using is looking for .prk and .skr.

I’m just wondering if it possible to convert it over using Kleopatra. Maybe an import/export process I’m missing.

Hello Edgar,
I found an old batch file for the conversion. As far as I remember it is best to have the asc file without password. Then You put the batch file and gpg.exe and gpgconf.exe into one directory together with the asc file; in this example it is datacore.asc. The output file datacore pkr will be generated in the same directory, in this case D:\Test. Substitute names to Your convenience.
Regards and good luck

convert_asc_to_pkr.bat (119 Bytes)