Configure default manager key

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When choosing the option “Sign and Encrypt” in GpgEx, I would like the pop-up window to choose two keys to encrypt the file for: mine and another one. As a default, the software does encrypt the file for my key.
Is there a way to tell the software (by modifying configuration files) to also choose another one and make it grayed so it can’t be unchanged?

Here’s an example of what I’d like to do in the picture.

Thank you for your help.



you cannot do it in the GUI, but you can configure it in the GnuPG System directly. The Option you are looking for is in Kleopatra->Settings->GnuPG System → OpenPGP → Encrypt to user ID NAME as well. You can there enter the fingerprint of the additional key to encrypt to.

See attached screenshot where I have configured my own key so that GnuPG always also encrypts to that key regardless of Kleopatra.
This will not be visible in Kleopatra’s Sign & Encrypt dialog as it’s a GnuPG system thing.

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