Compile gpg4win

how to compile gpg4win?
Tutorial on web site is very old.
Debian packages is missing…
Packages in source list is missing…

line 39: checking zlib-1.2.6.tar.gz failed
line 66: checking libetpan-0.58.tar.gz failed
line 105: checking bsfilter-1.0.16-bin.tar.gz failed
line 108: checking bsfilter-1.0.16-lib.tar.gz failed
line 111: checking bsfilter-1.0.16-src.tar.gz failed
line 299: downloading failed
line 300: checking libpng-1.4.10.tar.bz2 failed

*** Some tools not found. They may or may not be needed depending on
*** the packages you want to include. For example GLIB and GTK+
*** require certain tools; you may need to install a recent version of
*** GLIB and GTK+ on the build machine to allow for cross-compiling.
configure: glib_compile_resources is missing
configure: gdk_pixbuf_csource is missing
configure: docbook2pdf is missing
configure: docbook2txt is missing
configure: docbook2ps is missing
configure: docbook2pdf is missing