Codepage mismatch in Outlook


I’m encoding a UTF-8 email, decoding works fine in Outlook, except there is a codepage error, the original UTF-8 is displayed in Windows-28591. Which makes all the accented letter look bad.
This is what I see in the log:
10:28:54/22000/mail.cpp:updateBody_o: Did not find body charset. Using internet Codepage 28591.
How can I ge tit displayed properly? Is is something during the encoding, or is it a bad setting in Gpg4win?


Hi Adam,

which application are you using to encrypt the OpenPGP/MIME email?
(You do sign it, as well, I hope. As signing is recommended as well.)

A good OpenPGP/MIME email would indicate the encoded charset, if it does not, then of course the receiving mail user agent has to guess and may be wrong.)