Claws Mail 3.0.0-rc2 external browser


I am new to this windows version of claws mail.

Almost everything is working, my only problem at the moment is getting the browser to work.

When I (doulbe)±click on an url in an email firefox isn’t starting, it isn’t working with right click and open with browser too. I have choosen the “firefox” entry from the pre configured setting (drop down list) in the configuration - external programs setting.
What do I have to do to get this working ?

Oh, and is it possible to use a dictionary (German & English) while composing a message?

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If you use “firefox” in the settings, make sure that “firefox” is found on the PATH. If not, set the full path to firefox in the prefs instead, for example:
“c:\program files\firefox\firefox.exe” “%s”

Spell check (aspell) support has not yet been ported to Windows, sorry. It wouldn’t be the hardest part to port, though, as aspell runs on Windows.

“C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\firefox” ‘%s’
is working, thank you.

It is a bit suprising that
firefox ‘%s’
isn’t working as opening a dos prompt and typing firefox not in its directory still starts it.