Claws Decrypt Problem

I have a linux machine (many) and an XP machine on the same network. I installed gpg4win on the XP machine and created myself a key-pair.

I then exported-imported the public keys between the machines like two users would do.

I can send an encrypted mail from Claws on the XP machine to linux and it decrypts fine. When I try to send an encrypted email from linux–>XP, Claws tells me it can’t decrypt the email.

Copying the encrypted data to the clipboard and trying to get winpt to decrypt it yeilds:

"Encrypted with ELG key, ID “bmarsh ” Decryption failed. Secret key not available.

The ID given is the id of my secret key and I would assume it could match that with a public key in the keys and use the public key to decrypt. But it seems to want the secret key.

What am I doing wrong here…? Thanks