Checksums not matching

Just checked downloaded gpg4win-vanilla-2.2.1.exe against associated checksum using fciv and they do not match.

result is :-

1c44acd1be34b33e2693ef408e44f424 gpg4win-vanilla-2.2.1.exe

I believe it should be:-


1c44acd1be34b33e2693ef408e44f424 is the md5sum, md5 is a different hash algorithm that is mostly deprecated.

6d229b03ec2dcbb54a40f7590d108dc0cbcb5aac is the sha1 sum of gpg4win-vanilla-2.2.1.exe

I think fciv can also verify sha1sums, maybe fciv -sha1 or something.

I used fciv -sha1 gpg4win-vanilla-2.2.1.exe

I have just done it again and it worked.