checksum doesn't match gpgwin

I downloaded gpg4win-3.1.11 and checksum doesn’t match checksum on download site. I got ead375d31c681c31c9d3b13001e9cf7f
And i don’t thin i did that wrong, i do that a lot. I tried redownload it and got same result.

Hi Josef,
it seems that you have calculated the md5 checksum.
(At least this is what I get when calculating it.)

The checksums on
are calculated with a different algorithm, either sha1 oder sha256,
so you need to calculate it for this, see

Background: the md5 checksum is not considered secure enough.

Best Regards,

Thanks, seems like tool i was using is busted, i did that many times previously for sha256 and it worked. Now i used powershell, i didn’t know you can do it via powershell too and it shows correctly!

Good to know this is solved for you!